Pre Wedding shoot at Diwali Mela : An idea that was trotting in my head for a very long time.. I had a few clients whom we were supposed to shoot before their wedding but couldn’t do so because of time constraints. I approached my very close friend who is about to get married to the love her life. I have to admit that the love between the two of them is fierce and unstoppable, you will agree with me after viewing the gallery. I have known her from my graduation days and I was wanting to do something different for her. She is the one who ’s supported me from the time I got into professional photography without even asking for anything in return. I could go on about my relationship with her but let’s not make this blogpost about us. The very day I texted her saying let’s do your pre wedding shoot at Diwali mela, she couldn’t sleep the night and that’s what you look forward to, working with the person who is as excited as you. Soon enough, we were finding a Diwali Carnival in Delhi and we reached the most popular one at Red Fort, Old Delhi. P.S. – The Diwali mela was super fun with all the lights and bright colors, yummy street food and scary fast rides. Love such sessions where the couple doesn’t have to act and are free to be themselves and have fun. SONALI SHARMA & SWAPNAL, HERE’S TO YOU GUYS!