Mother Day

We are wedding photographers and have been in the industry for years now. So, this goes without saying that we have been a part of many weddings. There are many reasons to love our job, but this one always tops the list — to be able to capture the emotions- Mother’s Day.

Weddings are filled with various shades of emotions. Along with the bride and the groom, every family member goes through an emotional journey. Each family member experiences emotions in different ways, but what a mother experience is something that cannot be explained in words.

On this Mother’s Day, we’ve decided to go back to our treasured memories of the weddings that we were a part of and share with you all the emotions that our lens captured of the greatest form of love in the world that is of a mother. Just a small attempt at celebrating the purest form of love — a mother’s love. (Things can get a lot emotional ahead so brace yourself!)

Scroll down and have a look at some of the heartwarming and soulful captures of the emotions of a mother on a daughter’s wedding day.

These heartwarming pictures are bound to melt your heart!

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Have your eyes got a little teary? We get it. The emotions can be felt so vividly through pictures that anyone is likely to be moved by them.

The emotions that a mother feels during a daughter’s wedding are something that can only be sensed by us but can only be understood in the true sense by a mother. It’s a day when she is the happiest person — seeing her little princess all grown up and ready to start the beautiful chapter of life.

Throughout the wedding, she happily does all the responsibilities, non-stop. She is the busiest person; you’ll hardly get to see her rest. But if you observe even a little, it wouldn’t be hard to spot the pain behind her happiness. To think of it is so heart-touching — the depth of pain that she perfectly hides. And it would be an understatement to say that we can describe that pain. The pain of parting away from her daughter. The daughter, her child whom she carried in her womb for 9 months, welcomed into the world, raised for all these years — witnessing her little girl becoming a teenage girl to becoming a grown-up and now becoming the bride. The pain of even imagining the emptiness in the home post the vidaai. To accept the fact that her daughter wouldn’t be around every day, it would be occasional visits and occasional meets. (Even if a daughter had stayed outside for studies or a job, still vidaai is going to feel different and going to be hard.)

As we mentioned earlier, it would be an understatement to say that e can describe what a mother feels during a daughter’s wedding or to describe a mother’s love at all because:


There’s no limit to a mother’s love; her courage and strength.


No word in the world can define or measure the love of a mother. She is kind. She is forgiving; no matter what, she just always forgives. She knows only one way to love that is to love unconditionally. And she fears none; she cares for nothing when it comes to her child. Her one tap on the head can make a thousand worries vanish. Her that one comforting smile can heal the deepest wounds, wounds that are invisible to the eyes. She can understand even the silence, sense the unsaid. At some point in time, we all might have felt this:


My mother has superpowers!

Because some things that she does are beyond understanding! She can be away from her child by thousands of miles, but no distance in the world can come between her love. She can sense from thousands of miles away if something is wrong with her child.

Her love is selfless, her love is forever. She will decline to something in a blink of an eye, faster than the speed of light, if it comes to choosing between something for her and her child. There’s no wonder that all of us might have wondered at least once —

How do you do that, Maa? How can you love so unconditionally?

On the occasion of Mother’s Day, through this small effort, we celebrate this unconditional and immeasurable form of love, a mother’s love:

Happy Mothers to all the mothers; to the greatest form of love!


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