Dubai Wedding


A Wedding celebration is one of the most significant days of our lives, and everyone wants to celebrate in his/her own way. Over the past few decade, marriage trends have taken a giant stride. Today’s brides and grooms think beyond normal venues. They desire to plan in a more unique and fashionable style. A destination wedding is an opportunity for couples to celebrate their marriage at a luxurious destination with versatility in venue, decoration, and dining.   It also reduces the guest list to the closed ones.

Over the last ten years, the United Arab Emirates have been the name of the most advanced, and ambitious in everything they do; so it is no surprise why it is rapidly growing in fame as a hub for destination weddings. Situated on the Arabian Peninsula, the UAE is comprised of seven Sheikdoms (Emirates), with Dubai being iconic and leading the way in hosting many of destination weddings.

Centrally located, Dubai can be easily accessed from Europe, Asia as well as Africa. No wonder Dubai is rated as the number one location for a destination wedding. Moreover, nearly all the big brands of hotels are located here. It is a shopper’s paradise and ample places to roam and enjoy. The weather is always friendly from October to May.


Cultural Diversity

Dubai culture is universal in nature because of its huge expatriate population; Dubai is a multi-cultural city; host to many religions and different type of nationalities. The official religion in Dubai is Islam. However, because of the presence of other foreign traditions, other religions are also allowed in the Emirate. You will find Christian, Muslim, Sikh, Hindu, Buddhist, Jewish Zoroastrian, Buddhist& other religious bodies in Dubai. There are religious institutions like Mosque or Temple, Church and people are allowed to practice their religion at their respective worship centers.  Moreover, during your destination weddings, you can invite a spiritual leader to your wedding event.


Religious Ceremony

There are representatives of almost all religions in Dubai and the UAE, and it is possible to invite cleric from your country to conduct your wedding ceremony, or you can organize your service with a local church. Note that you will be required to produce paperwork before the marriage can take place. If the marriage certificate is issued in English, it must be translated into Arabic by a court-approved translator and submitted to the Notary Public Office for certification, for the marriage to have legal validity and this may require a UAE Residence Permit. When getting married in Dubai, or indeed any of the Emirates you need to keep in mind the strict alcohol licensing laws.

Also, note that you need to fulfill some legal requirements if you want to get married in Dubai and you need to complete all the paperwork appropriately. These requirements vary from country to country. Typically obtaining a visa to travel to Dubai is not difficult; however, you need to follow the strict guidelines. In case you are not able to obtain the permission to get married in Dubai, then you may get married in your country and then come to Dubai for a ceremonial blessing in Dubai where you can conduct a Wedding Reception.

Also, note that the legal paperwork for Islamic marriages is different from those of Non-Islamic marriages. To be joined in Dubai, it is important that at least one of the couple must be a Citizen of UAE. The citizens can get married at the Dubai court. Do note that non-Muslims cannot get married in the Dubai Court.

These laws are just one of the reason why 99% of couples choose to celebrate their wedding in a hotel. With an abundance of luxury five-star hotels, all offering superior services, and amazing sceneries, it may be difficult to choose a specific venue. Notwithstanding, when choosing your reception venue, my advice would be to think about the type of environment and experience you would like for your wedding in Dubai and try to match this with the venue setting.


A First-Class Dining Experience

The Dubai catering industry offers a special Dubai Recipes, apart from other leading International cuisines like Iranian, Asian, European and Indian.  However, you may have to hire more than one catering firm as specialists, however, there are varieties of cuisine in Dubai. Having a multi-cultural population and abundant agricultural structure, Dubai has a lot of global gourmet catering services of best quality.  Moreover, people choose Dubai for destination weddings because it offers the exquisite local dishes.

If you have chosen Dubai as your Destination Wedding location, then the Dubai (usually made from wheat and meal) food is one of the most popular during the festive time. It is prepared from the local kitchen.

However, the other popular dishes you can select if you have chosen Dubai your Weddings are:


  • Iranian Cuisine
    The Iranian cuisine has a bit of the Persian taste in most of its foods.  The spicy rice is one of the major highlights of Iranian cuisine. Normally, Iranian dishes are served with lettuce, onion, cabbage tomato and minty yogurt sauce.


  • Asian Cuisine
    Dubai’s population is made up of a large chunk of the Asian population. Anyone coming to Dubai for destination weddings and look for traditional cuisine from Asian sub-continent will certainly not be let-down by what Dubai has to offer.  The Awadhi, Punjabi, Sindhi, Mughlai, and Pashtuni delicacies are some of the various Asian cuisines that are in high demand by the populace.


  • European Cuisine
    Dubai is a place thronged by its visiting western population, and that is why European delicacies are one of the most ordered dishes during a wedding celebration. There is a high demand for European and American cuisine in Dubai. Like its Asian counterparts, meat is a key element in most of its dishes like Pizzas, Pasta, Fried Scampi, lambs, beef, etc.


If you have chosen Dubai for your destination weddings location and you want to have wedding celebration at an open-air venue, then Dubai event planners can easily organize buffet services as well.  The buffet is very common and is very cost-effective. Alcohol is very expensive in Dubai, so you can inquire from the wedding planner as regards the drinks packages they have on offer.


Honeymooning in Dubai

Dubai offers a memorable option for honeymooners looking to pamper, unwind and enjoy their newly-wedded bliss. From the magnificent spa suites to exclusive desert safaris, one can experience an unforgettable honeymoon in Dubai. It is a fast-growing metropolitan city with oodles of glitz, glamour & excitement at every corner. A honeymoon in Dubai is a nice way to start marriage journey.

In Conclusion, with so much to offer, Dubai has no doubt become a sought-after location for a memorable destination wedding. There is absolutely no shortage of venues, themes and activities to have on your special day.