The joy, the spark, and the raving rush of blissful emotions that you experience during the pre-wedding period are purely precious! And the real essence of pre-wedding shoots lies in capturing these real and raw emotions. 

But to capture these real and raw emotions, you need to be in a real place, like literally real. Not at a studio with made-up backgrounds. Please!

Check out these top 8 natural and non-cheesy locations near Delhi-NCR in 2022 to choose from for your pre-wedding shoot. Here we go!

Your save-the-dates will thank you!

Multiple Exposure Fine art wedding photography couple shoot

Our personal top 8 pre-wedding shoot locations near Delhi for a picture-perfect pre-wedding shoot; Or maybe we’re just biased because we are freaking love pre-wedding shoots in real natural locations!

1. Rishikesh

If you’re a couple who loves nature and seek a serene environment for your pre-wedding shoot, then pack your bags for Rishikesh, by all means.

From the serene greenery of the forests, and the gracious beauty of the waterfalls to the breezy and bright beaches — these less-crowded places of Rishikesh make for a perfect pre-wedding shoot location near Delhi-NCR for couples who love nature and seek serenity! 

Capture your magical chemistry amidst the magic of nature — get pictures that’ll speak volumes of your love for each other, and of course, nature.

Distance: Approximately 270 km by road from Delhi.
Travel mediums: By Road (4-5hours Journey), Flight (Nearest airport Jolly Grant), and Train — you can choose as per your convenience!
Number of days to invest: 1 Night & 2 days (Includes traveling time)

Check out this Pre Wedding Shoot from Rishikesh & Around!

Pre Wedding Photoshoot in Rishikesh Beach by the riverPre Wedding Photoshoot in Rishikesh by riverbedPre Wedding Photoshoot in Rishikesh

2. Agra — Taj Mahal

Many couples wish to get their pre-wedding shoot done at The Taj Mahal, and we don’t wonder why!

The Taj Mahal, a second-to-none monument built honoring love — Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan built the Taj Mahal to immortalize his love for his late wife Mumtaz Mahal. Getting a pre-wedding photoshoot done with the symbol of love standing as the witness to your bond — there wouldn’t be anything as perfect as this for couples to celebrate the infinite power of love with their love.

So, get your pre-wedding shoot done right with the symbol of love, the Taj Mahal standing as the witness to your bond — celebrate the infinite power of love with your love.

We would suggest you go during the winter — the beauty of the Taj during the sunrise on the winter mornings is beyond words!

Distance: Approximately 250 km by road from Delhi.
Travel mediums: By road (3-4 hours journey), Train, Flight (Agra Airport) — you can choose as per your convenience.
The number of days to invest: For a road trip from Delhi to Agra, start early in the morning around 4 AM. Catch the sunrise at the Taj/Mehtab Bagh, and shoot at the surroundings. Take a break, have some breakfast, and hop around. Return after catching the sunset.
Alternatively, reach Agra by afternoon or evening, shoot at the night, and catch sleep. Reach the Taj at sunrise, shoot, hop around and return to Delhi.

Offbeat PreWedding Shoot Taj MahalOffbeat PreWedding Shoot Taj Mahal

3. Tijara Fort

From majestic arches, huge pillars, large staircases, and enchanting gardens to fantasy-like turrets — Tijara Fort is an ultimate location for couples who want their pre-wedding photos to be marked by the charismatic beauty of the century-old architecture. And when at night the Fort lit up, it’s a sight to behold (Seriously!). 

So, get your pre-wedding photoshoot done at Tijara Fort and let the charisma of this ancient grace add more charm to your chemistry, and see the magic shine through the pictures.

Distance: Approximately 100 km by road from Delhi.
Travel mediums: By road.
Number of days to invest: 1 day

Here is an adorable pre wedding shoot at Tijara Fort Palace near Delhi.


Near Delhi NCR Tijara Fort Palace Couple Wedding Photography

4. Naukuchiatal Lake

There’s something charming about the silence of the hills and stillness of the lakes  — surrounded by vibrant hues of green, magnificent hills, and mesmerizing lakes, Naukuchiatal offers you an unforgettable experience. And the beauty of Naukuchiatal is such that the pictures turn out just dreamlike! Without a doubt, Naukuchiatal makes for an ideal location near Delhi-NCR for a pre-wedding shoot.

So, get your pre-wedding photoshoot done with the breathtaking views of Naukuchiatal as the background of your pictures and experience the charm of the silence of hills and stillness of lakes with your would-be. 

Also, if you’re adventurous (high-five on that) then you would love to know from paragliding to Zip Line, that there are several adventure activities that you can try at Naukuchiatal.

We would suggest you go for an Airbnb cottage — you’ll find some of the extraordinarily beautiful cottages in Naukuchiatal. It wouldn’t only give plenty of indoor and outdoor shooting options, but also be a perfect weekend trip. #Protip – Check out this Airbnb.

Distance: Approximately 385 km by road from Delhi.
Travel mediums: By road (6-7Hours Journey)
The number of days to invest is 2 days.

5. Khajjiar

From majestic mountains, deep and dense forest, and grassy and green meadows with a beautiful lake in between the meadows — breathtaking is the word to describe the beauty of Khajjiar lake, located in Khajjiar, Chamba. Khajjiar lake makes for a perfect location for pre-wedding shoots near Delhi-NCR, beyond a doubt (truly!).

If you’re a Bollywood buff, then here’s another reason to get your pre-wedding shoot done at Khajjiar lake — Khajjiar lake is called mini Switzerland. From DDLJ to Veer-Zaara, many iconic Bollywood movies have been shot in Switzerland for their breathtakingly beautiful scenery. And as a Bollywood buff, what can be better than being able to add some Bollywood vibe of these iconic Bollywood movies to your pre-wedding shoot and that too, in India itself? 

So, go to Khajjiar lake, live your Bollywood dream with your would-be and treasure your pre-wedding memories for life in the best way! Stay Option : 

Distance: Approximately 630 km by road from Delhi.
Travel mediums: By Road (11 hours) or fly to Chandigarh and take a cab.
The number of days to invest in 3 days, 2 nights.

Here’s some sweet photos of this rad couple showing off their goofiness as the guy proposes, they dance together, make faces at each other, and tenderly show each other affection. Here is our favorite winter pre-wedding shoot at Khajjiar & around Lake!

Khajjiar Aerial photos stock images snowland IndiaSnow Pre Wedding Shoot Couple in KhajjiarKhajjiar-Switzerland of India Stock photosPre Wedding shoto in Winters and Snow in himachal

6. Neemrana Fort Palace

If you want your pre-wedding photos to be marked by the majestic charm of the timeless beauty of classical architecture, undoubtedly Neemrana Fort Palace is meant just for couples like you!

With its grand entrance, spacious pavilions, beautiful gardens, and large-sized windows — every corner of Neemrana Fort Palace give the feeling of royalty. No matter which corner of the fort you pick as a background for your shoot, apart from your love; every picture of the shoot will have one thing in common — royalty!

Distance: Approximately 130 km via NH 48 from Delhi.
Travel mediums: Taxi, train, flight — you can choose as per your convenience.
The number of days to invest 1 day.

Neemrana Fort Palace Pre Wedding shoot 2022Neemrana Fort Palace Pre Wedding shoot 2022

7. Hill Fort Kesroli, Alwar

Royal and grand — if these two words describe how you’d want your pre-wedding photos to be then go with Hill Fort Kesroli, (literally!). 

Hill Fort Kesroli exhibits old-world elegance and charm in every bit. The grandeur of the fort will evidently add the kind of grand and royal feel to your pictures, just like you have dreamt of!

So, go to Hill Fort Kesroli and let the grandeur of the fort add grandness to your pre-wedding memories!

Link to Property
Distance: Approximately 174 km via NH 48 from Delhi.
Travel mediums: Train, taxi, bus — you can choose as per your convenience.
The number of days to invest: 1 day.

8. Ranthambore

We’re not going to lie to you, we’ve yet to find a couple daring enough to take us up on this idea, but we’re going to keep trying no matter how long it takes.

From rich wildlife to ever so exceptional heritage sights — Ranthambore is nothing less than a phenomenon in every respect. And the luxury properties that you’d find in Ranthambore will make you experience lavishness and luxury to the core.

If you want a glamorous, elegant, and luxurious pre-wedding shoot, then choose any luxury property in Ranthambore — it wouldn’t be let down!

Not to forget, if you love to explore the wildlife then go for an experiential Safari, it’s a must.

Distance: 380 to 460 km (depending on the route you choose) by road from Delhi.
Travel mediums: Train, taxi, flight — you can choose as per your convenience.
The number of days to invest: 2 days.

Ranthambore Prewedding shoot in the jungle forestRanthambore Prewedding shoot in the jungle forest

Wrapping Up!

Your precious pre-wedding moments wouldn’t come back, hence there shouldn’t be a second thought about capturing such moments forever! But when it comes to where to capture? That decision should be taken thoughtfully. 
So, do more than usual to capture the very essence of your pre-wedding memories, so that when years after you look back at these memories, you can feel the exact emotions right through the pictures — it’s just worth all the effort.

Pre Wedding Shoot Near Delhi NCR

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