We have the best and unheard song recommendations for your bridal entry! It’s gotta be exclusive! Not going to spam you with 20+ Best Indian Bridal Entry Songs. or Top 30 Songs For Your Grand Bridal Entry. or 30+ Trending & Popular Bridal Entry Songs To Add In Your Wedding Playlist.

If there is one feature of Indian weddings which has always kept us enthralled, that is the entrance of a bride. Isn’t it?

With the entire world coming to a standstill due to this unprecedented situation sparked by the novel coronavirus, it seems that bonds have gotten stronger than ever in the quarantine.

One of the primary shifts in tectonics which the current love stories are witnessing, is marriage behind closed doors. Sounds a bit untoward? Well, let’s face it, safety is paramount while love tags along. So where do we come to in these times of confinement?

We come to the weddings at home. Intimate Weddings.

A new trend but a very effective one that holds up the ritualistic ethos and concurrently bonds you and your partner in an eternal dance of life.

Before we delve into the core of this piece, let’s have a look at the pros and cons of wedding at home. The pros being as eternal as ever, a simple ceremony which sees two love birds, coming together forever in a heavenly bond in front of the most important people they care about.

Shrinking the event down to a cozy, intimate 40-50 guests size guarantees you’ll love where your money goes and have tons of memories with every single guest.

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Elegance blended in perfect proportions with beauty, graces down the podium to the beats of love. Now these beats of love have been a cliche for some time now as almost the same songs are being played over and over again.

Well, at times, if you peek behind the curtains, the crowd present doesn’t hesitate to twist their face in disapproval.

Now with a limited gathering, you have to be extremely choosy in picking up your song for bride entry.

It has to be perfect that encapsulates your grace, your heartbeats in love and most importantly leaves the guests starstruck.

So if you are going to take our word for songs, maybe we can give you a very carefully hand-picked collection which has been exclusively chosen only for you.

1. Samjhawan/Mitwa/Mahi ve – Acoustic cover by Bryden-Parth ft The Choral Riff

Classical music has been like an unputdownable vein in the culture of Indian wedding. However, not everyone can connect to the depth of such beautiful music.

Now there is always a bridge between young and old as this cover brings you exactly the most perfect blend of classical and modern. Played on a guitar and a flute, this mash-up of three songs brings close to you the essence of love almost without speaking one single word.

The three songs chosen in this mashup are probably the most apt ones that your heart craves for to hear from your loved one.

It would be an absolute wonder for an Indian bride to walk down the ramp, to the tones of these love numbers, punched into one with a beautifully concocted tune of classical and modern fusion.

2. Latthay di Chaadar – Hari & Sukhmani

Folk isn’t really a much chosen genre when you are coming to the crowd. This song however, is like a rainbow.

A folk song with very lively tunes to tap your feet to, Laththay di Chadar will also give you the groove to dance in your wedding.

The song is mostly off-beat that makes it a perfect song of wedding, where you can showcase your elegance, your picks which comes with a touch of effortless simplicity.

Love is best noticed when spoken in the simplest tunes.

3. Madhaniya – Neha Bhasin

Another Punjabi folk that is a must for wedding songs, mainly tracing its roots in North Indian weddings is Madhaniya.

Neha Bhasin’s intoxicating voice brings this song super close to you as it sprawls itself all over you and casts a magical spell of enchantment on the limited gathering of your closed ones for your grand Indian wedding.

We have seen wedding photographers in India capture artificial moments of joy. However, this song makes you smile without even you knowing and guess what, no snap can be better and happier than a candid that flaunts true love and eternity.

4. Dilbaro – Namita Choudhary

When your best man is father, is there a song better than this? #Wearenotcryingyouare. ?

This track from Razi found its way into the hearts of Indians right after it hit the silver screens.

A song for your most loved ones, this can be interpreted in several ways. However, in this scenario we are going to recommend this as an anthem for your entry.

The soothing tone of Namita Choudhary takes you to a glade of imagination where you caper freely around with your most beloved one, reprieved of all the grave thoughts of life.

Wedding is like that eternal bond that divests you of all your worries and place an eternal hand of assurance on your shoulders.

When you make the entry as the bride, and the gentle beats of this song caresses the hearing senses of the audience, it is a feeling forged right in your heart.

5. Din Shagna Da – Jasleen Royal

This song won its popularity as an Indian wedding song for brides when Anushka Sharma (Bollywood actress) walked down the aisle in Italy at her wedding with Virat Kohli (Indian Cricketer).

Again it was a very intimate wedding and the videos that came out will only make you awestruck and even drop a tear.

Jasleen Royal’s reposed voice makes this song extremely intimate to you that chronicles the heart and soul of two lovers.

Imagine you and your soulmate prancing to this melodious number without caring one bit about what the world has to say. The song is so effortlessly beautiful, that it propels you in your feet to grace the limited gathering with your angelic presence.

6. Samjhawan Unplugged by Alia Bhatt

Probably a love song of the decade, Samjhawan is a tale of love, very carefully crafted by the love Gods.

The intonation and the intimacy of the unplugged version, makes it one of the best songs for bridal entry.

A love story must have all the fragments of emotions which floods our life. Similarly, Samjhawan has its traces of inert beauty which wonderfully speaks volumes about the love story of two souls ready to take the flight of life.

7. Dilbaro/ Din Shagna da/ Madhaniya – Akriti Kakkar

We have already suggested all of these songs before, however, you should try this incredible mash-up by Akriti Kakkar.

Her powerful voice blows life to these songs along with the much-needed sweetness and happiness which these songs have always accompanied us with.

The best part of this wonderful mash-up is the grace in Akriti Kakkar’s voice which enlivens the souls around you and fills you with hope of a lovely love story that awaits you in the near offing.

8. Wedding Mashup – Namita Chaudhary

This mashup is a compilation of four lovely songs, sung exclusively by the enigmatic voice of Namita Chaudhary.

It starts with Laththay di Chadar that spans on for a minute and helps you to very gracefully come down the ramp, flexing your elegance. The song then very tactfully drifts to Kabira which is absolutely nailed by Namita Chaudhary, putting in all the joys of love in your wonderful life.

With your limited gathering and with such a mesmerizing collection of songs being sang one after the other,the audience would go absolutely gaga for you to walk into the eternal bond of love.

9. Nachdi Phira – Shutterdown version ft Jasleen Royal

Jasleen Royal once again made the cut for perfect bridal entry songs.

May it be a walk down the memory lane or may it be a promise of the future, this version of Nachdi Phira is absolutely unputdownable for a bridal song.

Capturing the most intimate moments of one’s eternal walk of love. This song gives you the leeway to be effortlessly beautiful in front of the limited gathering that you can afford during these times of lockdown.

Though the wedding won’t really have its signature grandeur of weddings in India, it would still have its salience of impressing people with all its rituals of an Indian wedding.

We know the moments well, because the lens whispers in our wedding photographers and cinematographers ear the cue to capture your grand entrance. Here is a slew of songs that you should absolutely try for your bridal entry, coming from the heart of a wedding photographer in India.
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