Wedding videography is a competitive space in the wedding industry; there are many reasons why it’s an expensive option. And while you might think that videotaping the entire ceremony and reception is enough to get those detailed shots, there are many more. However, in this blogpost, you’ll see how hiring a professional to film your big day can be worth every penny!

The Importance of Cinematography in Wedding Films

If a picture is worth a thousand words, how many are captured moments of live-action worth?

The importance of cinematography in wedding films is often overlooked. However, the art of capturing the details makes or breaks a film. As a couple getting married your goal should be to have a film that will talk about what happened in your celebrations – when mother sang traditional songs, when we danced on dhol, when we cried a little, when we laughed so much.

Traditional style of wedding videography is elaborative – long shots, extended cuts, lengthy music and wedding cinematography is crucial to telling the story behind the wedding celebrations.

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What Makes a Great Wedding Film

Cinematography does not just start with the film itself; it starts with asking the right questions of the couple who will be married. Not only do we need to know the details of the wedding, we also need to know how you met, how long have you been together, when is the date, when did you decide to get married and more! Having a wedding video in India is a common practice and wedding videos have become a little too ‘run of the mill’ and something that is taken for granted.

A great wedding film is one that includes those small details that makes it unique. A cinematographer’s job is to capture the essence of the celebrations – not just the bride entering the venue, but also the groom waiting anxiously for her – capturing those first look moments.

It’s about capturing the little moments when guests are exchanging hugs and laughter, when they’re cutting into their cake; when they’re celebrating or dancing. It’s about taking in the atmosphere of the venue. It’s also about using that creativity to tell a story with imagery and music – something that will touch each guests heart, something that will be talked about for years to come. A great wedding film is one that is made with love and care.

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Proposals and Pricing

Like a wedding, our service is extremely personalized. Some couples only want their ceremony covered with one camera. Some couples want three camera coverage starting in the morning, until late into the party. The first step is to get in touch, and tell us your schedule of events!

Cinematic Wedding films pricing depends on lot of variables and every wedding is unique, so we can’t find a way to put a number to it or create standard packages. It is customised according to your requirements. Just to give you an idea, it starts from about 1 Lakh Indian Rupees per ceremony.

Additional services such as a a personalised music to your wedding film, aerial videography, same-day edits can be chosen at an additional cost. For grand venues or destination weddings in India, it can add a certain wow factor to the final wedding film.

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You won’t get to see and hear everything during the wedding, but your wedding cinematographer will be there to make sure your day is recorded forever. If you can fit it in your budget, a wedding cinematographer is a great addition to your lineup of vendors—because after all, re-watching your nuptial will be invaluable.

“I am beyond grateful that we had these amazing souls with us on the happiest day of our lives!”

“I am writing to say thank you so very much for helping us create such a wonderful and unique wedding ceremony. We received many, many glowing compliments on how beautiful the ceremony was captured. Everyone was very impressed and you delivered everything you promised you would. Thank you for being professional and caring in dealing with our special needs and we feel that the ceremony turned out magnificently and we are anxiously awaiting the photographs and video to see everything for the audiences perspective.

Thank you – from the bottom of our hearts for all your hard work and such an amazing finish!”
– Shreya & Tarush, Jaipur, Rajasthan

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