There are so many little details about the casual pre wedding shoot process that some couples might have forgotten or have even had never thought of. For example, what to wear. Read on to learn some quick tips about how to dress for your engagement photo shoot day.

There are a lot of different types of locations you can choose for your Pre Wedding session, so we wanted to share a few that might not have occurred to you. Each of these offers a very different look and feel. We always love when couples choose a shoot location that has meaning to them or one that aligns with the overall style of their wedding story. That makes it special and meaningful.

Pre Wedding shoot indoors in delhi

Real Pre Wedding Shoot ideas in Goa

Royal Pre Wedding shoot Ideas in Goa

Types of Pre Wedding Photoshoot

Wedding photographers often offer 1-2 hour pre weddings photoshoots in which you can work with professional stylists to style your shoot. This is a fun way to document pictures of your impending wedding while décor and other wedding details are being finalized!

Usually, sessions take place somewhere in or around the city, but if you want something different and the spotlight on just you two then explore options on AirBnB in your locality.


Landscapes are versatile. Are you a beach person or a mountain? We have a great love for the outdoors and so do many of our couples!

For those of you that love their city and the backstory revolves around – why not? Sometimes there are just some beautiful walls to be found! Sometimes all you need is a cup of coffee! and sometimes just the beauty of Gardens.

Pre Wedding shoot in Delhi

Ideas for What to Wear for a Photoshoot

First, choose a color family that works for you both. Is your fiancé more of a traditional metal belt man? Add your favorite deep purple shirt or knee-high boots into the mix. Or are you an indie girl rocking the leopard print look? Choose colors that compliment. A wardrobe consultant can help with this part. Once you have chosen your colors, make sure to choose clothing items that are not too loud and busy – things like vests or graphic tees are out unless you want to balance them out with something starkly different like a dress or skirt in plain black or white.

Beach Pre Wedding shoot Rishikesh Ideas to what to wearDepending on the season and location, you may need to wear different outfits for your casual pre wedding shoot. Comfort is key in this situation, so warmer clothing with rich colors or texture will work best in winter. Brighter, more casual outfits may be better suited for spring or summer pre wedding photos. In most cases, bolder colors will add a celebratory feel to your photos.

Even though what you wear is important, it isn’t the only thing that matters. What really matters is that you plan your outfits ahead of time so you don’t end up scrambling to find pieces that go together on the day of.

What to wear on your pre wedding shoot 2022

Tips from a Wedding Photographer

There are so many pictures needs to take for a casual pre wedding shoot. That’s why we recommend clothing that is easy to move around in and comfortable. One thing you want to remember is picking one type of outfit for the shoot.

If you’re planning on having pre wedding photos taken, you’ll need to choose outfits that reflect your personal style. Your outfits will set the tone for your photos, so wear clothes that represent who you are. If you don’t like dresses or suits, don’t feel pressured to wear one just because it’s what people typically think of as “pre wedding shoot attire.” If you live in jeans, wear your best ones with beautiful shoes and combine them with a more chic top.

Choose something that makes you feel like the best version of yourself. Best of all, just have fun. We promise you’ll have a blast!

Wearing Pashmina shawl in Cold pre wedding shoot idea

2022 trend Pre Wedding Shoot in Goa beach

A good pre-wedding photoshoot can help you stay calm on your big day and capture some beautiful photos that you’ll cherish for years to come.

If you’re looking for a Professional Wedding Photographer in New Delhi, India, we’d be happy to discuss our rates and availability with you. Please contact us today!

Here’s hoping we helped, leave your comments for us to know. Cheering you on!

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